The British contemporary art online studio. We have two aims - to help artists promote their work and to help buyers find, and enjoy, art!


Claire Tole-Moir   
Case Study: Lucien Freud (click)

British Art Studios was established in 2011 to help artists meet buyers.

Our aim today is just the same and in the autumn of 2014 we are launching our own auction house - Universal Auctions - to do just that. See below.

Stephanie Jory - new for 2014


Andy Danks

The swimgirl

Donal Carr - new for July 2014


British Art Studio's is launching its own auction house.

Auctions are not only great fun - but are an ideal way for artists to bring their work to new and fresh audiences - and find real buyers!

Collectors love buying in auctions. Certainly, they offer a real chance for a bargain and also the thrill of bidding. They also allow buyers to choose themselves what they want to pay for a painting - not be influenced or guided by a gallery or dealer. 

Auctions are brilliant for sellers too…as well as the vast exposure of new markets, they offer a quick turnaround for sales and the chance to find out the 'market value' of a work. 

Starting this autumn 2014, we are launching "Universal Auctions" - and aim to become the UK's specialist contemporary art auctions. Why not give us a try?!

Richard Heys - new for 2014


Tim Wilmot, watercolourist based in Bristol

Ed Muir - brilliantly talented young figurative artist

Ed Muir - Laying Man

Ron Holmes


If you are a UK-resident artist doing great things, you can feature here
We can help you reach a new audience in British contemporary art! 

Martin Bush

G1 Fusion Seas

Rita Lazaro


Barbara Price

CD2hidden tears

Sample of our postcard sized advertising cards (courtesy of Goodprint’s wonderful design), can you give any some display space?


Ahrabella Heabe Lewis a mixed media and acrylics artist

A HeabeLewis2

Sharon T Ross

Florence, 2014, Sharon T Ross, pen & Ink, 30x42cm (R)

For art journalists we can arrange press releases and artist interviews or stories.

Treat us as your online gallery or exhibition for new artists.

Our artists will be pleased to undertake commissions for paintings.

British Art Studios is the place to stay in touch if you are about to start your art collection, or you may be an established art collector already.

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Our artists offer watercolour, oil, abstract, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, graphite, still life, landscape, moods, atmospheres, figures, colour, marine, animals, birds, sport, naive  - all at great art prices - we help them provide affordable art! Buy art direct!

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British Art Studios is a brand and trading style of Universal Auctions Limited  (company number -being changed end of July 2014 at Companies House due to name change of limited company - tba)
Registered Address:Universal Auctions Ltd. Registered office is: Stag Gallery, 12 Black Jack Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2AA